March 2014


In March the project schools started the next stage of approbating the global education materials which will last till the mid-May. Teachers deliver lessons and organize events and invite also the project team and others to the open lessons. Have a look!


March 28. Grade 5, 7 and 8 pupils of Varakļāni secondary school both working together and separately participate in activities devoted to food safety in order to assess the local and global aspects of this theme. At the end of the lessons they announce the action “Help somebody!”   Photos  


March 27.  Teachers, pupils and their parents, the head of Baltinava regional Board Lidija Siliņa come together in the “Generation centre” of Baltinava secondary school to assess and celebrate the diversity of culture in the afternoon devoted to global education “Identity and the diversity of cultures”. Photos


March 27. The global education project activities take place in Daugavpils Secondary school Nr. 10. Grade 3 and 4 pupils participate in five workshops and learn about the food safety.   Photos


The project team of Špoģi Secondary school invited to the afternoon of fairy tales of different nationalities and the lesson on urbanization on March 27. Thank you for the hospitality and the invested work! Photos


March 26 we spent at Balvi. The last week of March at Balvi State gymnasium was the week of global education; its motto – “How to live better in a better world?”  There were lessons on the accessibility of education in different countries, the film evening, the action of exchanging different things and emotions, the day of experience stories, the Earth hour organized during this week. Photos


March 25. The project team together with geography teachers from Saldus region visited Līvāni Secondary school Nr. 1 where the project team of the school demonstrated open lessons on urbanization and food safety in Grades 7 and 10.  Photos


March 12. We observed the integrated lesson on the theme “Social justice: money” delivered by teachers Rainelda Muižniece and Irina Zeņina in Grade 11 of Jēkabpils Evening Secondary school.  Photos  


Thank you for the courage and huge work that has been done!