May 2014


Global education activities at Anna Brigadere primary school continue. Teaching others we ourselves learn a lot. During this semester we delivered 10 lessons, an informative afternoon for teachers, a thematic afternoon for Grade 3-5 pupils and informative and educational lesson for the interest group “Kamenītes” of Tērvete region.  


May 8. Members of the project team were welcomed at Cēsis State Gymnasium of Friendly Appeal where they participated in three open lessons on different topics of global education. Lessons were given by teacher of economics Nadežda Persaņa on food safety in Grade 10, by history teacher Aivars Karlsons on “Role of media in the society” in Grade 12 and the teacher of the Latvian language Sandra Nagle led two lessons in Grade 12 on the topic “The diversity of cultures”. Photos


May 6. We are invited to participate in the event “Children in the global world” at Tukums Secondary school Nr. 2 where Grade 5 pupils were asked to think about children at Tukums and children in the modern world in the context of the International Day of Children’s Protection. Teacher Evita Korna addressing all pupils told that the International Day of Children’s Protection has been celebrated in the world for 64 years and people in different countries of the world try to organize events that give children joy and make the issues connected with children’s safety and protection of children’s rights more topical. Photos